LCRK Timekeeping System - Pre-Event Information

LCRK Timekeeping System - Post-Event Information

Information for coming Time Trials:

The Wednesday Night Time Trial is the thread that ties LCRK together. A large number of regulars turn up each week rain, hail or shine to take on the clock and each other. There's plenty of talk before and after the paddling but on the water it's eyes forward.

- 12km course from the water (video)
- Fly the 12km course! (video)
- Fly the 6km course! (video)

Wednesday nights are a great opportunity to meet experienced paddlers and improve your fitness and skills. Please read the following so that you are aware of your responsibilities on and off the water.

Newcomers and prospective members

The information on our membership page will provide additional context to the content below.


The Wednesday Night Paddle takes place on the Lane Cove River, starting at the Chatswood Athletic Field on the corner of Epping and Mowbray Roads, Lane Cove West. There is ample parking for cars and access to the course from a pontoon.

Please do not park close to the amenities building unless you have equipment required for the running of the time trial. Park in the designated car park area.


Time Trials are on every Wednesday of the year usually with the following exceptions:

Time Trial Procedure

0 minute group: 6.25pm start (beginners and slow paddlers)
+2 minute group: 6:27pm start
+4 minute group: 6:29pm start
+24 minute Handicap: 6:49pm start (very fast paddlers)


The following are the participation costs for the Wednesday night time trials.

LCRK Prepaid Member$0
LCRK Adult Member$5
LCRK Junior Member$2
Member of PaddleNSW and an affiliated club$7
All Others (includes PaddleNSW Insurance)$20

Juniors (Paddlers <18yo)

LCRK club facilities are currently not suitable to support Junior Paddlers. Involvement of Juniors in the club is restricted to direct relatives/guardians of existing members, who directly supervise the junior themselves.

Juniors without paddling experience
Juniors interested in paddling at the club but with no paddling experience are encouraged (as are adults) to first gain experience in a more suitable environment (see Membership page)

Juniors with paddling experience
Experienced juniors are welcome to paddle in our time trials provided they satisfy the following:

Suitable Craft

Virtually any paddle craft can be used in the time trial. Popular boats include sea kayaks, multisports, K1s, TK1s, Flashes, Ocean Racing skis. Most paddlers supply their own kayaks, however the club has various boats available for members to borrow, including several suitable for novice members to try out. Refer to our Club Boats & Boat Hire page.


All members are expected to take part in timekeeping duties when requested, usually twice per year

Safety and Regulations

Kayaking is a potentially dangerous sport (especially after dark) and all paddlers must be familiar with and comply with all the applicable safety requirements, including Lifejacket (PFD) and lighting requirements, when taking part in the Wednesday Night Time Trial.


All Members and visitors are subject to the Paddle Australia Code of Behaviour which can be found here. Please familiarise yourself with this document.

All paddlers are reminded that LCRK Time Trials are not races. Our Time trials are run for individuals to improve fitness and boat handing skills, and to reach personal goals. They are conducted in a supportive and encouraging environment, and are inclusive of paddlers of all skill levels. Behaviour that might be acceptable in a ‘race’ is not acceptable in our time trials. All paddlers must be accommodated by each other on the water with respect and etiquette to ensure they have a good experience and want to come back.

Time trial courses

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See the course videos referenced above to get more of an idea..

River Map

We hope you enjoy being part of the Lane Cove River Kayakers experience on the beautiful Lane Cove River!

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